The Art of Giving Your Furniture a Second Life

Art of Giving Your Furniture a Second Life

The art of giving your furniture a second life. IKEA furniture Known worldwide for its impeccable Scandinavian design and affordable prices, IKEA furniture has long been our best decorating companion. If there’s one thing we love more than the Swedish brand’s furniture, the many customizations project the web shows us how to revisit our favorite pieces to give them a new appearance or why not a whole new function.

Transform a dresser into a kitchen island, make a minimalist console from an EKSBY shelf, Afford a uniquely designed wall shelf made with kit furniture. Any IKEA furniture diversion project is born out of a desire to renew your decor starting from what you already have. IKEA hacks can therefore be an inspiration for DIY enthusiasts and anyone looking for originality. Here is our pick of the best IKEA tips shared by hackers around the world.

The Art of Giving Your Furniture a Second Life

Necessary material:

  • A HEMNES chest of drawers with three drawers
  • Leather belts or leather bands
  • A punch
  • Screws and nuts
  • A drill
  • A screwdriver
  • A pair of scissors
  • swivel stem casters


1. For this project, we transform a HEMNES chest of drawers from IKEA, but any other chest of drawers will do. It would help if you gave it a few coats of semi-gloss paint.

2. Replace the handles. You can also make leather handles from the belts. Cut strips of leather a little longer than the distance between the two old handles. Fold the end of the thong over and punch a hole in the two pieces of leather using an awl. Insert the screw and screw it into the hole in the cabinet. Tighten inside with a nut. Do the same on the other end. In addition to being more practical, the leather handles are a real decorative asset.

3. Attach casters. Drill holes in the four legs using a drill fitted with a bit of the same width as the T-nut. Tap with a hammer to drive in the nuts, then tighten the four casters.

4. Create additional storage space by attaching towel bars, towel bars, and spice racks to both sides of the dresser. You can add hooks or magnetic strips to it and drawing ideas.

Two RAST chests of drawers diverted to the office

The art of giving your furniture a second life

Necessary material:

  • Two IKEA RAST dressers
  • A wooden board (you can have it cut to the desired dimensions by your DIY store)
  • Dark walnut wood stain
  • Glossy white paint

This three-drawer storage cabinet lends itself to many customization projects. The idea we like the most? A desk made from two RAST chests of drawers. First, paint the fronts of the dressers with a walnut-colored stain. Apply white paint to the sides. Once the stain has dried, put down the drawer handles. All you have to do is install the wooden board on the two pieces of furniture and screw it in the four corners.

Necessary material:

  • An IKEA KALLAX shelf
  • Chalk effect paint yellow color, Chalky Finish
  • Chalky Finish transparent wax cream
  • Paintbrushes
  • Of furniture legs
  • Fixing plates

Start by painting the inside of the shelf. Protect the painted surface, apply a layer of Chalky Finish wax cream. Leave to dry. Then fix the feet using fixing plates placed in the four corners.

Necessary material:

  • IVAR Cabinet IKEA
  • Neon pink spray paint RUST-OLEUM
  • A drill
  • A pencil
  • A wood saw
  • Four wooden baluster legs and a wooden stripe
  • A tape measure
  • Wood glue
  • A screwdriver

1. Determine the desired length of the feet and measure. After marking the cut marks with a pencil, cut the balusters with a saw to the desired length.

2. Sand the balusters with coarse sandpaper. Work in a well-ventilated area.

3. Spraypaint the balusters. Before starting, shake the canister well, spray the feet and the stem, hold the spray at a distance of about thirty centimeters, and make movements up and down. Apply several coats of paint.

4. Secure the legs with the drill, then glue the cleat to the outer edge of the cabinet.

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