Swimming In Athens With Lifeguard Training

Swimming In Athens

Swimming in Athens? I understand this isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about Athens, but the Greek capital is on the sea, so it’s great for swimming with lifeguard training. Below you will find the best places for a dive.

Swimming in Athens

The city’s location makes it a great holiday destination, even in the warm summer months. Book a hotel on the coast and go to Athens early in the morning to soak up culture or shop. And when it gets warm, head back to shore and spend the rest of the day under an umbrella on the beach with lifeguard training.

Tram line 3 or 5 connects the coast with Syntegra Square in the heart of Athens. In this blog, you can read what my favorite beaches are. Beach beds and umbrellas are available on all beaches, of course for a fee. And on some beaches, there is also the possibility to put your towel on the sand and enjoy the sun, sea, and sand for free.

Deem Beach

Deem is a popular beach with sunbeds, umbrellas, and a beach bar. This is the first beach where the tram stops, so ideal if you don’t want to sit in the tram longer than strictly necessary. (Tram line 5 from Syntegra, stop Deem)

Bolivar Beach Club

Bolivar is the most popular beach bar in Athens at the moment. You pay an entrance fee to enter and then you can enjoy sunbeds, umbrellas and a DJ playing good music all day long. In the evening, Bolivar turns into a real club, where well-known foreign DJs regularly play behind the turntable for lifeguard training. Website Bolivar (tram line 5 from Syntegra, Calamari stop)

Ovule agene

The town of Ovule agene is located just outside Athens and has several beaches that are well organized. Some beaches such as Astir Beach are only accessible for a fee and are frequented by the Athenian rich & famous with lifeguard training. Do you want something special?

Then go for a swim in Ovule agene Lake. The water in this lake, which has a constant temperature all year round, has medicinal properties for lifeguard training. You pay an entrance fee to enter, but you do have changing rooms, sunbeds, and umbrellas for that. Website Ovule agene Lake (metro stop Elli Niko, from there bus 122 to Ovule agene).


The coastal town of Louts, also known as Artemis, has a long sandy beach with many foods and drink options right on the beach with lifeguard training. Some also have sunbeds and umbrellas, which you can use when you order something to eat or drink. Louisa is very popular with the Greeks themselves, ideal for a going local experience for lifeguard training. (Regional bus from Pelion Areas bus station)

On holiday: day at the beach and swimming pools

Is it too cold to swim outside? Then you can go to one of the beautiful swimming pools. In this blog, we tip you to the nicest beaches and swimming pools in the Beelined.

The beaches

The Dames beach in Versace is the ideal place for swimming because there is a clear boundary between swimming and sailing water with a brightly colored ball line. There is also plenty for children to discover between the stones, such as crabs, crinkles, oysters, and shrimp with lifeguard training.

It is recommended to wear swimming shoes because there can be sharp oysters on the bottom. And although Versace beach is always nice for sunbathing and is definitely worth a visit if you want to swim, unfortunately, that is not an option at low tide. Then there is no bathing water and it is better to drive to the village of Wielding, which is less than ten minutes away.

There you always have the opportunity to swim in a quiet and cozy atmosphere. You can sit comfortably on the dike, with a view over the water, or lay your towel on the beach. Did your day at the beach make you hungry?

Then visit Casco Teen eon Drunken, which is located directly on the dike, for fries and ice cream, among other things. There is plenty of free parking at the bottom of the dike at both Yreka and Wielding. There is also a mobile toilet at both beaches.

Relax and swim

The Veers Meer nature and recreation area is an absolute top destination if you want to relax, sunbathe or have children who like to play in the sand. You can also do many water sports activities here. For example, at Kano, you can rent surfboards and canoes.

In this green area, you will find the Piet, with a number of well-known beaches such as the Market, De Kline, and Grote Piet. It is wonderful to spend time here with the whole family. So you can swim to your heart’s content at the designated swimming locations. It is recommended that you bring swimming shoes.

There may be sharp stones and oysters on the bottom. Children can play wonderfully in the grass and shallow water. In the high season, you can have a nice picnic or barbecue.

An adventurous beach

There is only one beach in Zuid-Bevel and where spontaneous dune formation still takes place. And that is located in the Kiloton, a beautiful nature reserve in Corselet. Here you will find a sand strip of three kilometers, which is good for more than just relaxing in the sun.

You will find a lot of fossils there; it is, therefore, an absolute gold mine for beachcombers or curious children who like to dig and search. You will find, among other things, special shells and shark teeth.

Tropical swimming

Not nice weather, but swimming? Then it is a good idea to go to the Omnia in Goes, where a tropical swimming paradise awaits you with lifeguard training. Swim through the jungle in a number of large colds and hot water pools or slide down the two large slides with lights and fun effects. You can also swim nice lengths in the competition pool.

Prefer to float relaxed? Then grab a tire and float with the flow in the lazy river for lifeguard training. There is a special children’s pool for children and toddlers, with a slide and rain shower. In the Omnia, next to the swimming pool, you will also find a large tropical play forest, where you can discover and experience new things every season.

Outdoor swimming pool with lifeguard training

Not a fan of the sea, but do like to swim? Then take a dip in the Den Inked swimming pool. This pool has two large outdoor pools open from May to early September with a slide and springboards for lifeguard training.

There is also a sunbathing lawn with a bouncy castle and you can go to the catering industry for nice refreshment. Inside you will find the 50-meter long competition pool and a smaller instruction pool for lifeguard training. The large sunbathing area has a paddling pool with wonderfully warm water

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