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Sleigh Beds

All sizes of beds in a row: choose the right side of the bed
The correct size of the bed is important to sleep well in it. You can choose from single beds, double beds, and double Sleigh beds, where you can then choose the right size of the duvet cover.

View the different mattresses to make your choice for one of the different sizes. You can adjust both your fitted sheet and duvet to this so that everything fits well.

Bed dimensions

First of all, we list the different bed sizes for you:

1-person bed dimensions:

70 x 200cm (small)

80 x 200cm (average)

90 x 200cm (large)

doubter dimensions

140 x 200cm

2-person bed dimensions

160 x 200cm (small)

180 x 200cm (average)

200 – 200cm (large)

As you can see, you can choose from a number of different bed sizes. The dimensions of the single bed differ in width, just like that of the double bed. The length of the bed is standard 200cm, as that is enough to lie in it relaxed. There is plenty of room for your legs, while on the other hand, you don’t have to lie all the way at the end with the pillow.

The sizes for queen size beds are always 140 x 200cm. This gives you a spacious single Sleigh bed, which you can also sleep in with 2 people. Please note that this bed offers a compact choice of space for 2 people if you are always there with 2 people it is a better idea to choose the size of a double bed.

Single bed size

In any case, the dimensions of the single bed ensure that you can only lie well in it. Keep in mind that 70cm is on the narrow side for most people. Especially if you tend to turn a lot in your sleep, it is wise to use wider dimensions. This prevents you from always lying against the edge of the bed, which will wake you up or even make you roll out of it.

Within the dimensions of the single bed, you can also choose 80cm or 90cm. The average size in the Netherlands is 80 cm, so you have enough space to move freely. Do you like to sleep with a number of pillows in your bed and do you have a relatively large bedroom? With a single bed of 90 x 200 cm, you can ensure that you have some more space at your disposal. At least you know for sure that you can move back and forth in your sleep without any problems so that you wake up relaxed the next morning and you have no trouble getting up.

Sizes of doubter beds

Within the sizes for the doubter Sleigh beds, you have less choice, making it easier to determine the right size. The length of the bed is standard 200cm and the width is 140cm. That’s a lot wider than the largest single Sleigh beds bed but helps you stay within the dimensions of the double beds. With the 140cm, you have a very spacious bed, which you can occasionally sleep in as a couple.

Note: if you (almost) always sleep together, the doubter can be on the narrow side. After all, you have 2x a bed of 70 cm for one person, the minimum size that is used for this.

Dimensions double bed

Within the dimensions of the double beds, you again have a choice of three sizes. The sizes of the Sleigh beds for two people generally start at 160 x 200 cm. You then have 2x 80cm at your disposal, giving you enough space to sleep well together. If one of the two moves relatively a lot in his or her sleep, it is wise to choose the dimensions of the bed one size larger. You can then use 180 x 200. If 80cm width is enough for you, the other person can use 100cm, so that even the people who turn a lot will sleep relaxed in it.

Finally, within the double Sleigh beds, you can choose from beds with dimensions of 200 x 200 cm. This means that the sizes of the beds offer you the maximum space. Thanks to the 2x 100cm width, you can be sure that you both have enough space to move around. You will both wake up relaxed and have little trouble getting up.

Different types of sizes duvet covers

With the different sizes of the beds, you should of course also order the duvet covers in the right size. Keep in mind that they should always be slightly larger than the size of the mattress so that you ensure that the duvet can hang over it a bit on the side and back.

To choose the right size for the duvet cover, you can assume that you need 140 x 200 cm when it comes to single Sleigh beds. For the doubter and the smaller double beds, you can use 200 x 200 cm. It is best to provide the larger double Sleigh beds with a duvet and duvet cover in 240 x 200 cm so that you also have enough space in width.

Tip: the duvet covers are also available with a length of 220 cm. That way you make it easier to make the bed nicely.

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