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Welcome to the different types of Zero Turn Mowers review guides. In this guide, we have reviewed the 4 types of Zero Turn Mower. Let’s have a look at this.

4 Types of Zero Turn Mowers

Best Small Zero Turn Mower– Zoom 34 by Ariens


  • Compact size– great for smaller-sized yards & easy transport, storage.
  • Sturdy 12-gauge steel deck with three top-performing blades.
  • Equipped with a decently powerful 19 hp engine made by Kohler.
  • Comfortable cushioning on the design’s seat.

Here we have one of the tiniest mowers of this type on the market- Ariens Zoom 34. If your lawn isn’t that huge and you’re not thinking about high-end zero-turn mowers, this model may be your best choice.

Compact and Comfortable

As we already said, we think about Ariens Zoom 34 to be the best zero turn mower you may get on today’s market. Its cutting width of 34-inches is still somewhat decent– you will not need to go backward and forward a lot of times to complete mowing your lawn.

Another great thing about this system is that it’s likewise highly comfortable to use. It gets equipped with an 18″ seat with some comfortable padding on it. You can change the seat’s height while the natural positioning of controls allows fast and straightforward operation.

Decently effective

Performance-wise, this system has a Kohler-made 18 hp engine at its core. It’s a simple gasoline-powered motor that packs a punch despite its smaller size– you’ll be able to cut half an acre of the yard in about half an hour. In addition, the model has an easily located fuel tank that is simple to fill.

The cutting deck of Ariens Zoom 34 consists of a single piece of steel and offers both a high-quality cut and exceptional airflow. You can use the deck homes three high-performing blades in 7 various height positions. The producer backs this efficient, however small mower with a 3-year service warranty.

Best Zero Turn Mower Overall– Husqvarna MZ61


  • Our top pick– among the best zero turn mowers ever made
  • Equipped with a durable cutting deck constructed out of 11-gauge steel
  • Powered by a quick, efficient, and reliable 27 hp Briggs-Stratton engine
  • Top operational comfort ensured by the high-back seat with armrests

As we stated, Husqvarna is undoubtedly one of the marketplace’s top brands when it concerns zero-turn lawnmowers. That’s why this company makes 5 out of 10 zero-turn mowers we’ve evaluated here– the quality of their makers is extremely tough to match.

And out of all zero-turn mowers made by this company, Husqvarna MZ61 is the absolute best. It carries out well on all kinds of terrains and effortlessly holds up even in the most rugged conditions due to its long-lasting building. Let’s take a closer appearance:

Engine Power

That is one of the most potent zero-turn lawn mowers out there. The MZ61 holds a 27 hp Briggs-Stratton motor at its heart– that’s sufficient horsepower for a lawn of any size. To put it just, this is among those zero-turn lawnmowers that enable professional landscapers to cut more grass in less time.

Another thing we liked about this zero-turn mower is its cutting deck. It is made out of rugged steel and provides a cutting width of 61 inches (hence the design’s name). The practical deck lift system, on the other hand, allows users to adjust the deck from their seats quickly.

Convenience and Customization

Husqvarna MZ61 is also among the most comfortable zero-turn mowers on the market. The seat that it gets geared up with does not just have armrests, however likewise vibration dampeners and foam-padded hand grips.

Integrated, these basic yet hassle-free features ensure a smooth flight whenever you choose to do some mowing. The model’s controls are easy and intuitive to utilize. There’s no wheel here (similar to in the case of other zero-turn mowers in our roundup); however, you’ll master things in no time.

That is also one of those zero-turn lawn mowers that you can personalize. You can quickly include a bagger attachment or mulching set to this design, but keep in mind that these attachments get offered individually.

Kinds Of Zero Turn Mowers

These devices look and work the same, but you can still separate them into many classifications based upon their performance and cost.

1. Entry-Level Zero Turn Mowers

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 2 to 3.5 gallons
  • Engine Size: Single or twin cylinders

As their name recommends, these devices are domestic zero-turn mowers in their simplest and most affordable form. They are a suitable choice for homeowners who don’t know much about these kinds of the mower and require a piece of suggestions buying a lawnmower.

While they’re cheaper and easier to utilize than the more costly designs, they’re not as powerful or long-lasting. Nevertheless, entry-level models are great for beginners and folks who own smaller-sized yards.

2. Mid-Grade Zero Turn Mowers

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 3 to 4 gallons
  • Engine Size: Twin cylinders

These zero-turn lawn mowers are also for daily domestic use. Nevertheless, they are quicker, more efficient, and more resilient than most entry-level devices of this type.

Those who choose to go with a mid-grade zero turn mower take pleasure in better overall performance and a more heavy-duty design. Still, if you have a tiny lawn, a mower of this type could quickly be more than you need.

3. Semi-Pro Zero Turn Mowers

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 5 to 8 gallons
  • Engine Size: Twin cylinders

Out of all kinds of zero-turn mowers, semi-pro designs are probably the most flexible. Choosing one of these machines is not a choice you’re most likely to regret.

Semi-pro zero-turn lawn mowers are for daily usage. They reach higher speeds and mow large swathes of land without having to pick up tank refilling. They are as simple to use as the lawnmowers from the previous two classifications.

4. Commercial-Grade Zero Turn Mowers

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 5 to 8 gallons
  • Engine Size: Twin cylinders

Do you own a huge lawn? Your best pick is to opt for a commercial-grade zero-turn mower. A device of this type is the ideal choice for individuals whose yards cover a location that’s bigger than 5 acres.

These are the most effective zero-turn mowers. They make quick work of any lawn turf in a brief quantity of time. That is why we often utilize them on golf courses and likewise big, grass-covered locations that require frequent mowing.

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